The congregation of Grace Lutheran Church and the congregation of Trinity Lutheran Church amalgamated around 1960, to form Faith Lutheran Church located in the village of Middle Lake. (Above photo: Faith Lutheran Church). Detailed information on the history of these Lutheran churches are written below. (More photos at bottom of page). 

Reference:  Middle Lake; the Vintage Years History Book, Copyright 1982 (Pages 67, 68).  

Grace Lutheran Church 

        The beginning of Grace Lutheran Church goes back to the year of 1907 when a group of Lutherans, notably the Hoeflicher brothers, Otto and Gustave coming from Effingham, Illinios called Rev. T. Thieme of Haultain, near Saskatoon, to come and serve them at Hoodoo, south of St. Benedict. The first service was held in the home of Mr. Gust Stephen. 

        From 1909, Rev. F.W Hyatt served this group until 1913. He then accepted a call to Melfort. After that they were served by the Rev. Louis Bollefer from Humboldt. In 1923 he was succeeded by his brother, Rev. Frank Bollefer. During his pastorate the congregation was organized into Grace Lutheran in 1926. In 1927, a church was built one mile south and five miles west of the Village of Middle Lake. 

        By 1943, a number of Lutheran families from this area and from other areas had moved into the Village of Middle Lake. A preaching station had been opened in the village and upon his arrival in 1943, Pastor Carl Wirth continued to serve them. The people then decided to move Grace Church into the village. On July 23, 1946, it was rededicated. It was a good step forward, for the congregation grew. This congregation along with Trinity was dissolved in 1960 to take part in the amalgamation.  (Picture at bottom of page). 

Trinity Lutheran Church 

        The first Lutherans to settle on their homesteads in the years 1906 to 1911, were Reinhold Kaun, Fred Heidecker, Gust Kaun, Charles Melz, Will Kaun, Otto Hertzke, Karl Kaun, Charles Person, Walter Gloeden, Rev. W. Hyatt and others. 

        On the 29th of March, 1908, student minister, Louis Gade held the first service in the home of Charles Melz. The same year, Trinity Lutheran congregation was founded. In 1909, Rev. F. Hyatt took over from Louis Gade. Rev. Hyatt continued to hold services in the homes of the settlers. Mrs. Frank Bollefer, nee Clara Heidecker, was the first baby baptized into the congregation. 

        In 1912, a log church was built on section 14. Rev. Hyatt lived on a homestead northwest of the present cemetery. He served Middle Lake, Hoodoo, Bruno, Melfort, Star City, Prince Albert and other points. He served from 1909 until 1913, when he accepted a call to Melfort. Trinity congregation was then served by Rev. Louis Bollefer from Humboldt, where he resided. He continued to serve Trinity from 1914 until he accepted a call to Minnesota about 1923. 

        In 1922, Trinity congregation decided to build a new church on section 15, about one mile west of the log church. The members hauled logs, which were sawed into the heavy lumber needed in the building. The sawing of the logs into lumber was done by Mr. F. Heidecker, Sr. with the help of the members. The main carpenter was Alex Fraser of Humboldt. The building of the church began early in 1923 and was completed in the fall. It was dedicated on October 23, 1923. Preachers for the occasion were Rev. W.H. Schram for the German service and the Rev. Max Kunde for the English afternoon service. 

        Rev. Louis Bollefer was serving Trinity congregation when the building of the church began, but he accepted a call to Minneapolis when the church was about half finished. The church building was then completed and dedicated under the pastorship of his successor, Rev. Frank Bollefer. A large parsonage was built in 1930. (Picture at bottom of page). 

        Upon the resignation of Rev. Frank Bollefer in 1942, the congregation called Rev. Carl Wirth, and he began to serve in 1943. He remained with us until 1949. 

        In 1950, Rev. Karl Krahenbil came to serve us. It was during his pastorate that the important work of negotiating for further amalgamation into one congregation took place. In 1960, Grace and Trinity congregations amalgamated. The new congregation chose Faith as their name; and adopted a newly drawn up constitution. 

        Late in 1960, Faith congregation was making plans to build a parsonage in the Village of Middle Lake. In March of 1961 after serving us for 11 years, Pastor Karl Krahenbil resigned to become the first administrator of Bethany Pioneer Village. 

        Faith congregation was then served by Pastor Eldor Bruss until 1963, when he accepted a call to the States. The parsonage was finished in the fall and it was dedicated by Pastor Bruss in November of 1961. In January of 1964, Pastor Carl Wolski accepted a call to Faith congregation. 

        A building fund for a new church was started and by the spring of 1965, the congregation had approved the architect's plans for the new church. Construction began in June, 1965. Dedication took place on Sunday, May 1, 1966. For the occasion, Rev. Karl Krahenbil was the preacher, and Rev. Carl Wolski was liturgist for the morning service. For the afternoon service the preacher was Rev. Carl Wirth of Red Lake, Ont. The liturgist was Rev. L. Guebert of Saskatoon. For the evening service the preacher was Rev. Eldor Bruss of Pocahantas, Missouri and the liturgist was Rev. Deane Detlefsen of Humboldt. 

  • Picture left: Grace Lutheran Church
  • Picture right: Trinity Lutheran Church and the Missionary car - 1923. 
  • Picture bottom left:  Home - the parsonage at Trinity Church, 1930.